FDA: Vaping Warnings  Use Them Correctly

FDA: Vaping Warnings Use Them Correctly

The vape community is being targeted by the FDA for promoting flavored nicotine “incorrectly” on social media.

Warning letters sent out last Friday to Solace Vapor, Hype City Vapors, Humble Juice Co. and Artist Liquid Labs. Explained how the promotion of e-liquids did not meet FDA standards. The FDAs mission is to stop what they call an outbreak of underage e-cigarette users. They feel that when advertising on social media platforms popular with teens warnings really have to be visible. 

Manufacturers, retailers and others we need to make sure we follow these rules. We all know the benefits of vaping and how it stops us in our tracks from picking up a cigarette. We are a small community where pretty much everyone knows everyone. If you see someone posting incorrectly without warnings please notify them. One persons carelessness can affect all of us. 

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